Healing with Judy


Spiritual Energy Healing

This is a recent picture of me

My name is Judy Moorer. 

For many  years I have worked in healthcare as a nurse. I graduated as valedictorian of my RN class. I have worked in various fields of healthcare including Intensive care, medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry, and home care. 

Presently I am retired.

I am now serving as a spiritual energy healer. How I came to do this type of healing is a long story. However, I will try to tell you how my healing path progressed in as concise a manner as I can.  

Many years ago I was told that I was a healer, and that spiritual healing energy was coming through my hands. It was difficult for me to accept this as a fact, as I was a conventional medical practitioner. However, my curiosity led me to start experimenting by using my hands to allow this energy to flow. I could not deny the results, as I always saw positive results in both people and animals. These results were measurable both subjectively (positive feedback from the clients)   and objectively ( example: a decrease in the size of a swollen area). The conventional me was always evaluating results and checking for tangible proof  that healing was actually occurring.

After consistent validations from both clients and members of the healing community and messages from spirit,  I have finally come to accept that spiritual energy healing is my true calling.  

I am only one branch of many in the healing community, but if you feel drawn to me, please contact me to set up an appointment. I am here to serve you as a channel for the divine healing energy, to the best of my ability.