Healing with Judy


My name is Judy, but some family members and friends call me Jude. I am a retired RN and I have worked many years in various fields of healthcare.  As my journey continues, I have decided to dedicate my present life helping people in a different way. Spiritual energy healing has been a calling for many years, and I am finally embracing it fully. I believe that many people may be helped in this non-traditional way. This type of healing is not meant to replace traditional medical treatments, but instead to work in harmony with them. 

 I serve as a bridge between you and spirit. You do not need to be religious, only open to receive this divine energy with the intention to heal.

These healings can help people in a variety of ways depending on what is needed or what the person is ready to receive. This includes physical , mind/emotional, and spiritual healing.  A few examples of healing include: relief from symptoms of disease including pain & swellings; relief from anxiety and stress; increases ability to conquer smoking addictions; mind focus and guidance on your true life’s path. 

It may take one or more healing sessions to receive your desired level of healing. I leave that up to spirit and you to decide on how many sessions you feel that you require. If you wish to continue sessions, I recommend a minimum of a week between healings to give yourself time to process the energy.  You will receive what you are ready to receive at the time of each healing, depending where you are on your life’s path.

The healing process is very simple and relaxing. You wear comfortable clothing. You may lye down on a massage or healing table. If you are unable you may sit in a chair.  I will touch you very lightly or not at all. I enter a slightly altered state, as the energy starts to flow. At times I receive visions relating to the client. I usually play some relaxing music during the session. Each session is approximately 40- 50 minutes. Distance healings  are very similar with the same energy connection. They are done during a telephone call or other available connections.  

Many clients have described feeling soothing warmth, gentle vibrations, and they frequently fall asleep during the session, as the energy flows throughout their bodies. On occasion the client may experience visions and or messages.The person almost always feels a great sense of peace and love after a session. Although the experience may vary to some degree, the outcome has always been positive. If you are sensing that it is time for you to receive healing and you are drawn to me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will serve you and divine spirit to the best of my ability. 

Pet healings are always done at a distance and preferably with their owner present. Pets are more comfortable in their homes. These sessions are also done during phone contact or other contact methods if available.

Note: [The type of healing that comes through me can also be called Hands on Healing; Energy Healing; Spiritual Healing; Holistic Healing; Alternative Healing;  I prefer the term "Spiritual Energy Healing" as I was initially guided by spirit to do this type of healing.]